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Complicated Situation – Professional Solution

Route: Ulm, Germany — Lipetsk, Russia.
Cargo: Self-propelled trailer KAMAG, weight 32t.
Challenge: Semi-trailer axles repairing.
Solution time: 3 days.
During the scheduled inspection of the Nooteboom OSDS-58-04V trailer axles, that was passing through our base in Minsk, need for repairing of the trailer rotary axles was discovered. Since the repair without removing the cargo was impossible, and the maximum delay of the vehicle could be not more than 3 days, we completed handling ourselves.

During the cargo examination we found out that rigging shackles did not fit. In a day we got new shackles and performed mechanical works to ensure technical feasibility of cargo lifting.

During the shipment of cargo, the customer decided not to produce the required number of axles, that would allow evenly distribute the load across the trailer, due to what the breakage happened. We made the supports, loaded a self-propelled trailer on a repaired semi-trailer and continued the transportation to meet a required delivery date.
The customer expressed his appreciation for the professional solution and well-timed delivery.