High-Value Cargo Transportation

High-value cargo transportation is our area of expertise. The company’s cutting-edge vehicle fleet, professional officers and drivers, its long term experience and spotless reputation in the cargo transportation market brings confidence to cargo owners and logistics operators who entrust us with the carriage of multi-million-euro cargoes.

Jenty is an official customs carrier in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. This status enables the company to transport cargo with customs charges exceeding 60 thousand euros without any customs escort across the Customs Union countries.

Customs carrier’s service means the following opportunities to the customers of Jenty:

  • Avoiding extra costs for the customs escort (convoy).
  • Reducing delivery period as Jenty motor vehicles do not have to idle at the border waiting for the convoy to arrive.

Jenty practices individual approach to the arrangement and execution of each high value cargo transportation. As may be additionally agreed, the company can organise militarized convoy and additional insurance to an amount exceeding that specified in the standard CMR insurance policy (300 thousand euros).

We will ensure perfect en route safety of the cargo through comprehensive control over each transportation stage. We do highly appreciate your confidence and guarantee our customers the highest service levels and reliable cargo delivery.