One of the central tasks of Jenty is to ensure cargo integrity and safety.

One of the basic principles of our work is ensuring exclusive economic security and safeguarding property interests of cargo owners.

CMR Insurance

Insured liability of Jenty as a carrier amounts to 600,000 euro (within the scope of the insurance policy) and 300,000 euro (per each insured event). Our company considers СMR insurance to be a prerequisite for cargo transportation.

For reference: carrier’s liability for cargo loss or damage (CMR Insurance) was established by Geneva Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road in 1976.

Additional CMR Insurance in Case of High-Value Cargo Transportation

Pursuant to the Convention, the carrier’s liability is to be limited to 8.33 SDR (about 10 EUR) per kg of the cargo gross weight. Therefore, on agreement, when transporting any cargo with high declared value, we provide additional CMR insurance. In such case, the above limit does not apply, and the customer receives full insurance indemnity regardless of the cargo value and weight.

Cargo Insurance

We provide our customers with services of cargo transportation insurance. The additional insurance program is based on the cargo owner’s requests, transportation requirements and cargo nature. The company can insure the transported cargo on ‘against all risks’ terms to the benefit of the cargo owner with regard to perils of transportation and risks not stipulated by the Convention.

We have agency agreements with the largest insurers as our partners:

B&B Insurance Co