Deliver to/from China faster and safer!


Recently Jenty has launched a China – Russia – Europe truck route and has already tested it: more than 1.000 consignments have successfully been delivered to their recipients in both ways.


So, what are your advantages of road transportations from and to China?


1. Road freight delivery is at least 30% quicker than sea or rail freight.
Trucks deliver “door-to-door” and are able to pass the territories which are hard to access by other transport means, loading takes way less time and there’s no intermediary procedures with the cargo.

For example, it takes us only 11 calendar days to ship the cargo from Duisburg (DE) to Shenzhen (CN).



2. Logistics costs are 50% less in comparison with air freight.

Logistics costs are decreased with every shipment from and to China, which allows our partners to save money and develop their business.



3. Dangerous (ADR) cargo deliveries without restrictions

It is easier to ship the ADR cargo by a truck, as certain restrictions are imposed on their transportation by air or rail freight.



4. Possibility of oversized and heavy cargo delivery

The semitrailers are maneuverable, mobile and versatile, they are ideal for the oversized cargo transportation. Their construction can be easily modified, which allows to solve non-standard problems of any difficulty.



5. Perishable and temperature cargo is completely safe.

Perishable consignments are delivered rapidly and at a high security level in the refrigerated semitrailers. Necessary temperature conditions are maintained throughout the whole route. Availability of two tiers in the semitrailers allows to place the cargo more compactly and with no risk of damage, as well as to simply transport bigger amount of consignments with a significant reduction in logistics costs.



Do you have cargo to be delivered on the China – Russia – Europe route?


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