11,000 km to Sakhalin in 18 days!


In early summer, JENTY drivers have transported pontoon equipment from Rotterdam to Sakhalin Island. This project was as interesting as it was complex.


We fastened the cargo securely so that it was not threatened by difficult climatic and geographical conditions, traveled more than 11,000 km along the route, transported trucks with cargo on the Vanino-Kholmsk ferries to Sakhalin and delivered the cargo in record time – just 18 days!


The equipment arrived at the United Onshore Technological Complex in the northeastern part of the island, to a place where the offshore gas pipeline comes out into the shore.


The entire OPF complex has spread over more than 62,000 sq.m.


Here oil, gas and condensate from the fields is prepared, so that later they can be transferred through pipelines for further processing.