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This type of transportation implies constant maintenance of a certain temperature mode throughout the route of the road train. In refrigerator semi-trailer, the temperature mode is maintained in the range from – 25 °C to + 25 °C, regardless of weather and temperature conditions outside.


We have accumulated enough experience in delivering cargo of any complexity and offer a reliable service taking into account industry specifics. High standards are confirmed by international certificates:

GDP is a standard of compliance with the safety requirements of pharmaceutical product transportation, aimed at ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals all the way from the manufacturer to the retail chain and medical institutions.

TAPA is a complete set of measures that ensure safety at all stages of transportation.


expensive cargo

cosmetic and perfume products

excise goods

textiles and clothing


dangerous cargo

food products

seedlings and plants

exhibition goods


modern fleet of refrigerator trucks, including 200 road trains no older than 1.8 years;

a two-tier loading system that allows compact and safe arrangement of non-stackable cargo;

possibility of transporting expensive cargo without a convoy due to a customs carrier license;

delivery of small lots of goods as part of assorted cargo with maintenance of temperature mode in specialized bi-thermo semi-trailers.


invisible tracking sensors in a truck and trailer;

TAPA lock;

metal plate to block door opening;

seals certified according to ISO 17712 standards;

sound alarm when unauthorized opening of trailer doors occurs;

sound alarm when unauthorized opening of cabin doors and semi-trailer disconnection occur;

alarm button in the driver’s cab;

two-way communication with the driver;

printout of temperature check.


temperature data and current settings are displayed in real time;

creating a personal account displaying all data on current transportation and providing thermal checks on them;

24/7 temperature deviation notification system;

effective drafting of a temperature report in real time.


drivers with many years of experience on the territory of Asia, Europe and the Russian Federation;

168 drivers received the IRU International Professional Training Award;

driver training system in accordance with the requirements of GDP/TAPA.